The Horror Of The Television Show Dexter Essay

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Modern America’s increased fascination with crime dramas can be attributed to the majority’s desire to see good triumph over evil. The hunting, processing, and eventual punishment of evil evokes feelings of satisfaction in viewers, as justice is one of the moral principles ingrained in our society. In popular media, law enforcement is oftentimes presented as being insufficient in upholding justice, calling for the intervention of a hero; a figure capable of recognizing and punishing evil without the restrictions of the law. The television show Dexter portrays the glorification of the anti-hero through the romanticizing of vigilante-style justice and the mind of a psychopath. Dexter is a crime drama that airs on premium cable, Showtime, and is usually about an hour in length. It tells the story of the protagonist, Dexter, a blood splatter analyst that lives a double life as a serial killer. In the pilot episode, Dexter is revealed to have been diagnosed as a psychopath by his adoptive father, Harry, whose career as a police officer provided him insight into the signs of sociopathic behavior. Instead of suppressing these symptoms in Dexter, he chooses to instill within him a moral code to better channel his murderous urges. This set of guidelines included restrictions on children and other innocents, giving Dexter’s ingrained aggressive behaviors a morally acceptable outlet. After Harry passes away, his code is continually followed by Dexter, who chooses to hunt down and
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