The Horror Of Zombie Movies

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Dat To Zombie apocalyptic in media The apocalypse has been an unlimited inspirational for Hollywood’s director in recent years. Undoubtedly, zombies apocalyptic is the most favorite genre among them like doomsday, judgement day, disasters, etc. Zombie apocalyptic mostly revolves about a deadly biological virus that turn people into zombies. Nowadays, we have an outbreak of the zombie genres in our society like: movies, comics, games, etc. In my opinion, there are many popular zombie movies, but the most famous movies are The Walking Dead which was and World War Z. The Walking Dead is a television series, which is produced by AMC company and is created by Frank Darabont, depict a group of people trying to survive after the world has been infested by a zombie virus. On the other hand, World War Z, directed by Marc Forster and produced by Paramount Pictures, revolves around a former United Nations investigator who has to find a way to stop the zombie pandemic by traveling around the world. Though they share the same settings, The Walking Dead have an interesting and engaging plot twist with extraordinary and realistic zombies along with fantastic describing the transformation of human’s mental than World War Z. Every zombie movie has different ways to create a walker (another way to call zombie) bases on how the directors want to describe their story. Zombie appearances and physical traits are the first thing that usually used to evaluate zombie movies whether they succeed
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