The Horrors Of A Slave Ship Analysis

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The article "The Horrors of a Slave Ship" describes the story of Olaudah Equiano. It goes into detail of how Olaudah Equiano was kidnapped and sold into slavery. The author gives the reader a glance of the torture he went through as a captive slave. He includes the horrors he went through and saw in the slave ships. The articles also includes the brutal treatments of the African people and how they were sold and resold. It also includes the liberties they took to free themselves. In all he tell us his degrading nature of his slave experience and enslavement process as a whole. Ultimately he gains his freedom. Equiano was born in Nigeria around 1745 as a child he was kidnapped along with his sister by local slave traders. During his life as a slave he was sold ten times and named changed three times by his masters. In his early slave life he was traded with approximately two hundred other African slaves. His first owner was European by the name of Smith after a brief while of being with his master he plotted his escape. Eventually after the master lost his daughter he became very saddened and this is where things took a turn for the best for Equiano. He was sold again to a new master where he finally was able to see the person he hadn’t seen in a while his sister the joy was soon broken when he was once again sold. The trading happened continuously till eventually he landed in a town in Africa known as Tinmah. As he arrived he was sold to a master where he received many
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