The Horrors Of Historical Events

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Through art, the problems we face, the history we experience, and the details of our surroundings become encapsulated within a larger narrative for others to view and experience. The creation of art deals a great deal not only with the emotions of an individual, but also the audience the piece is directed at and the points it desires to make. Anselm Kiefer, a neoclassicist artist who was born at the tail end of World War II, made large paintings with a variety of included forms in order to describe the horrors of historical events. His work “Burning Rods” serves as painting both to acknowledge Chernobyl itself, but also to visually document the destruction its failure caused. Within the 1900’s, several periods of destruction ravaged…show more content…
“This moment in history was all about the threat of nuclear technology and its destructive powers, but Kiefer saw that this technology had a fusing power as well and chose to use this in many of his pieces during this time.” He saw the technology as both a positive advancement within society with its ability to create change and fuel society, however the destructive capabilities equally influenced his work. He acknowledged the dangers of nuclear technology while reveling in the hope the same advancements created, studying the multifaceted narrative of the advancement within his paintings. The destruction of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, “…considered the largest nuclear accident in the world, has had an enormous impact on the population and environment of many countries that has yet to fully be known.” This destruction reinforced his interest in nuclear technology, and became the primary focus of one of his works, “Burning Rods”. “Brennstäbe”, the original German title, which translates to fuel, caused the painting’s name to be translated as “Fuel Rods”, however, the name was changed to “Burning Rods” in order to better match the theme of the painting. His painting explores the influence of Chernobyl along with the power demonstrated within it. “This power has the ability to be constructive as well as harmful in the world depending on how itis used.”
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