The Horrors Of The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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Through history we have seen countless times when religion is used as a basis to wage war on another country. In WW2 Hitler used hate for the Jewish people in Germany to gather support and attempt to wipe out the Jewish race on German soil. Looking back at this war we see some of the terrible things that the German’s did to these Jewish people in concentration camps as well as the thousands just murdered in cold blood. In the US not only did we refuse to go to war in the beginning of WW2 but we sold weapons to both sides of the war. It really wasn’t until the bombing of pearl harbor that we actually decided to join and fight with the allies. Up until we joined the war we had never really had any reason to believe that the rumors about what the Germans were doing to the Jewish people were true at all. However, the US soon learned of the morally wrong things that were taking place in Germany. The Nazis were able to gain followers by falsely blaming the Jewish people for hardships that were taking place in Germany. Claiming victim to around 17 million people(source), the Holocaust is one of the biggest genocides in the history of our planet. Not only was the suppression of another religion against what is believed in the Catholic religion, but the Nazis also forced the Jewish people to work and essentially be slaves until they were murdered in different internment camps. These camps are some of the most modern morally awful things that have been carried out in our recent
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