The Horrors Of The Holocaust

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Speculations about the grim events during the very horrific Holocaust are unfortunately being denied stating it was not as gruesome as many may have stated it was or did not even exist to begin with. This is not only outrageous but disrespectful to those who lost their lives during the gruesome time. History states that the Holocaust was a period in time where a very fascist dictator, Adolf Hitler, killed over six million European Jews who did not fit the criteria of genetically having blonde hair and blue eye or simply mentally ill. Hitler had various strategic ways of murdering a large group of civilians at a time, such as gas chambers. These gas chambers were large rooms that would deposit gases such as carbon monoxide killing those who…show more content…
“The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum officials have confirmed that the gas chamber in the Main Camp (Auschwitz I) is a “fake” created to be “shown to tourists.” This is a claim allows deniers to continuously believe that the most gruesome concentration camp never existed and lives that were lost during the use of the camp was non existence. Along with the gas chambers in Auschwitz, Adolf Hitler assured to leave no evidence of those lives he took by using crematoriums. These crematoriums were used to disposed of the remains of the Jews who died either waiting to enter gas chambers or those who had already died in the gas chambers. Many also claim “The cremation ovens existed would have been too small for this purpose, and the reason there were cremations ovens at all was they were put in to provide cremation service for the deaths from natural causes and disease epidemics that were expected from such a high density work camp”. This claim is a flawed claim, due to the historical fact that Auschwitz was not known to be a work camp, but an extermination camp. Although it may not seem as if the Main Camp, Auschwitz, is as old as it should be compared to the age it has, Auschwitz is very much true indeed.” The crema/gas chamber in the Main Camp (Auschwitz I) has been accurately restored to its historic role as a
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