The Horrors Of The Shawl : The Shawl

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Have you ever felt as if you were alone? Do you feel as if you were separated from everyone else, such as society? Everyone has faced these issues at several points in their lives. It is what makes us human beings. There are a wide variety of factors to take into account when figuring out why people seem to feel so marginalized or alienated. A group that is constantly feeling marginalized are people who have immigrated from another country. Feeling afraid when entering a foreign area is always a difficult experience. The dilemma of not feeling welcomed by those who already inhabit the place is a struggle too. The biggest decision immigrants face is whether or not to conform/assimilate to the new culture that they are being exposed to. Sometimes authors who have faced these issues try to incorporate them into their pieces of work. Two authors are Cynthia Ozick and Henry Roth, both of whom have touched upon the “Jewish American Experience.” Ozick created characters who have handled the events from The Shawl in different ways throughout Rosa. Henry Roth incorporates his childhood experiences and inner thoughts in Call It Sleep through the eyes of the main character. Cynthia Ozick, an author who has always felt as an outsider because of not experiencing first hand the Holocaust, decided to take a risk and create two stories that revolve around that experience. Ozick introduces characters such as Stella, Magda, Persky and Rosa Lublin who all have experienced the horrors of the
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