The Horrors of Genocide: Night, by Elie Wiesel

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Steven Pinker implied that, “As long as your ideology identifies the main source of the world's ills as a definable group, it opens the world up to the mass murder of people” (1). Steven Pinker revealed an interesting side to the controversial topic of mass murders and the causes of them. He revealed that as long as people in this world believe that they are better than other due to their race, religion, and everything else that defines a group of people as different from another group of people. People are and have been wrongfully treated differently due to the incompetence of some to realize that everyone is equal. They often believe that they were superior to others because of their physical attributes and beliefs that they had. The…show more content…
It mostly started when Hitler gained complete control over Germany. He began passing his dehumanizing laws, that stripped them of all their freedoms. Hitler had remarkable public speaking skills and was able to inspire mainly the youth of Germany to support his sinister plans. After he had the support of Germany he began to transport, or relocate, the Jews of Europe to various camps, known as concentration camps, death camps, and slave labor camps. In these camps they stripped these people of their identity, work these people until they are near death, and then killed them, by burning them alive. After many long years in these torturous they were finally liberated by the allied forces, being America and Russia. Sara E. Karesh stated that the Holocaust was unique event in which Hitler and his men were able to dehumanize over six million people and then kill them and that it was modern technology that was the key element that allowed this sort of thing to happen (Karesh, “Holocaust” 2). The fact that Hitler was able to carry his plan out and almost succeed in annihilating all other the Jews in Europe, shows that society is still not able to comprehend that all humans are equal. The Holocaust victimize many Jewish people. These people had to suffer for so long, in harsh conditions with little food and water, before they were liberated, and many did not even make it to liberation
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