The Horrors of War: Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet On the Western Front

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War, it is one of the most sickening, terrifying and downright gruesome events that have happened throughout history. One of the most devastating wars of all time would be that of the First World War. Trench Warfare became the main method of fighting and basically became a living hell for those who fought. The grime, dead bodies piling up, rats that thrived in the pits, disease, malnutrition, and just unbearable conditions, the trenches basically became a hell on Earth. The novel All Quiet on the Western Front, which was written by Erich Maria Remarque, provides almost a journal into the center of these conditions, exploring just how dark and depressing they were. Erich had been a German soldier towards the end of WWI and had experienced …show more content…
Eventually Erich went on to study at the University of Munster in attempts to become a schoolteacher (Bauer). It was around this time when Erich would get his first tastes of the horrors that come with war. Erich was drafted into the German army at the age of 18 to fight in World War I (Robertson). Remarque would go on to be trained at Osnabruck, the same town he was born, and go on to fight on the Western Front ("Erich Maria Remarque."). This could be seen as a possible inspiration for the title of his novel All Quiet on The Western Front. While fighting in the war Remarque was wounded many times (Bauer) and wound up spending a majority of his time while in the military recovering in a hospital ("Erich Maria Remarque."). During these times he started to work on his first novel Die Traumbude (The Dream Room) that would be published in 1920 (Bauer). Remarque's experiences from his time in the German military would later serve as great inspiration for many of his novels he would go on to write. Before Remarque became a permanent author he would go on to work many different jobs. Remarque would attend a teachers course offered to veterans by the German government and would go on to teach for a year (Liukkonen). He would also among other jobs go on to be a racecar driver, salesman (Bauer) and sports journalist (Liukkonen). He worked for Sportbild, a German sports journal, as a journalist and assistant
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