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The Horse Parade Dozens of horses are charging through the fair grounds, each hoof vibrating the ground, which causes chaos to erupt. Some horses are white as for a person of royalty, and others a mysterious brown. Through all this chaos, Rosa Bonheur paints what is before her. Her painting is called The Horse Fair. The painting itself is 8 feet tall by 16 feet wide.1 The Horse Fair is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.1 Bonheur uses a panoramic view in her painting.2 The Horse Fair was inspired by the horse market that Rosa Bonheur use to visit on Boulevard De l’Ho ̂pital.1 The building in the upper far left of the painting is called Asylum on Salpetriere, which is located in Paris.3 The people on the hill in the…show more content…
Bonheur was an important figure in women’s right; she herself reflects the social movement for women. She was a women that didn’t let society’s standards keep her down; she worked hard to build her career. Bonheur was the first woman in France to get a permit to wear pants.1 The police’s reasoning for allowing Rosa this permit was because of health, and her doctor co-signed the permit.1 The slaughterhouses and fairgrounds would dirty her dresses thus it was impractical for her to wear a dress. Bonheur was smart she knew what wearing pants would do to her career.1 She knew buyers would not purchase paintings that came from a woman who wore pants, so Bonheur would wear dresses to social events. Naturalism in art is both a style and a theory of accurate representation of details in demonstrating an object or living thing.2 For example, to portray an animal anatomically correctly, one needs to see the animals from the inside out. Similar to Leonardo Da Vinci, Bonheur would dissect the animal to understand the anatomy.1 Unlike Da Vinci, Bonheur strictly dissected animals. Being anatomically correct is a huge key in making a piece of work realistic. The purpose of explaining her work is to prove that Rosa Bonheur displays naturalism through her painting. Rosa Bonheur used many structural elements in creating The Horse Fair; in addition to Bonheur’s anatomical accuracy, she used chiaroscuro, and color to display naturalism. Bonheur uses

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