The Hospital Diaries : Different Genres Essay

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The Hospital Diaries: Different Genres in the Medical field

Narratives are the main way humans communicate with each other. In the process of communicating, we begin to tell a narrative through the way words are combined to create meanings. Through this process, our imagination is created based on the author’s style of narration. We use narratives as a way to understand each other and also connect on an emotional level. Just like other career fields, the medical field begins to tell their stories through narratives. Most importantly in this field of study, doctors are able to establish an ongoing dialogue with their patients which helps them to figure out the issue at hand through the way the narrative is being told, and also the doctor totally manipulates the narrative of the patient. The narrative of medicine allow us to dive into deeper meanings and makes us question our “Origin and Destinies” (Charon). These narratives communicated through the doctor and the patient might not `necessarily have a resolution depending on the illness diagnosed. That being said, one can look at the medical field as we do a narrative. In the same way we analyze stories, we can analyze the plot structure and codes of particular fields, one of the most valuable being the medical field. The three genres of the narrative of medicine are patient’s stories, physician to physician stories and the physician to patient encounter. They operate differently depending on the perspective in which the
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