The Hospital Should Adapt A Best Practice Approach

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The hospital should adapt “a best-practice approach” in response to participating in the retail care market (Grube, Cohen, & Clarin, 2014, p.55). This involves obtaining comprehensive strategic and financial analysis of hospital’s current and future position in the market (Grube, Cohen & Clarin, 2014). The hospital must evaluate its ability to compete. Competition from other health clinics and outpatient providers is a 55% concern for financial hospital leaders (ACHE, 2015). As the hospital seeks to compete, its leaders examine all the new options used to provide care. These components include primary care, urgent care walk-in and retail clinics, outpatient laboratories or imaging and virtual or mobile services (Grube, Cohen & Clarin,…show more content…
A second alternative for the hospital is to respond to the new market by trying its hand in the market. Retail clinics may be here to stay. “In 2011, 19 percent of healthcare consumers reported using retail clinic, an increase from 15 percent in 2010, and 13 percent in 2009” (Kassi & Charland, 2013, p.144). This means they will establish a retail clinic. They will implement a “retail-like approach” (Grube, Cohen & Clarin, 2014, p.58). The hospital goals will “adapt a retail/consumerism approach and mindset for services in all setting” (Grube, Cohen & Clarin, 2014, p.58). It would include services such as the “use of clinical and nonclinical” points of contact with patients as consumers and primarily focus on good customer service throughout patients’ experiences through their health system (Grube, Cohen & Clarin, 2014, p.58). It would focus also on educating and communicating with consumers. Thus, making the services more personalized. It would also include the use of technology. These options include technical options such as “virtual visits, e-visits, and telemedicine” to make the organization appear more progressive as it builds a corporation more dependent on technology (Grube, Cohen & Clarin, 2014, p. 59). Hospital leaders should also secure competitive pricing objectives. The hospital executives must consider “who is making the purchasing decision and how” (Grube, Cohen, & Clarin, 2014, p.55). It is good practice to be
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