The Hospitality Industry Is A Complex Of Businesses And The Economy

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The hospitality industry today is a complex of businesses and the economy, serving to meet the needs of people who travels. The main components of the hospitality industry are lodging, food service, tourism, meeting and event planning, and the cruise line. The hotel industry is rapidly developing and aims to make a profit. Any tourist or visitor pays for the comfort that it provides, each hotel the company is committed to the highest level of service and comfort. This segment have a wide range of lodging types , they could be classified by size (quantity of rooms), location (airport, downtown), target market of clients (casino hotels, family oriented, convention center hotels) and ownership (chain of hotels, condominium ownership). All of them offer many different job positions, depending on education and experience level of worker. This segment has a largest variety of jobs, because its consists of a , customer service food service, security, conference rooms, parking, gambling and spa facility, and many others. And a hospitality manager graduate may choose, for example a position a hotel manager. A hotel manager is a difficult and stressful job, because of the amount of different tasks and responsibilities. Mainly manager must ensure that the organization offers everything needed for a comfortable and pleasant stay at the hotel. Hotel managers are responsible for the effective action of the personnel of hotel services and the creation of conditions for a comfortable
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