The Host Club: A Narrative Fiction

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“Welcome to the Host Club.” A chorus of voices said in unison as the door opened. It revealed a group of seven boys, all gathered together in a formation. They were all dressed in the standard uniform, but there was still something unnerving about them. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re all beautiful? Probably not. Hyuga took a step forward. Adia was shocked still, along with everyone else. Hyuga was seemingly able to not fall under their silently cast spell. “We’re here from Seirin. The superintendent told us to find an empty music room to put all our things in. Could you please tell us somewhere that’s a little less inhibited?” He was greeted with a short span of silence. The seven opposite them quickly got out of their pose, obviously realising they weren’t here for whatever it was the ‘Host Club’ did. Kyouya pushed Haruhi forward. Haruhi sent a him. Kyouya wasn’t affected, but the other five had a look of absolute terror on their face. But she put on a smile when she faced the Seirin team. “Of course. If you could follow me, please?” The personas voice was sort of high. It occurred to all of Seirin that this person wasn’t actually a boy. It didn’t truly bother them–to each their own, right?– but Hyuga was in a sort of clutch time mode. He always was for the first few minutes somewhere new. Obviously, the rest of the team could sense it as well. Being the most diplomatic of the group, Kuroko stepped forward. He shook the others outstretched hand and said, in a louder
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