The Hot August Night Inside The Echo Essay

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There is the smell of cigarettes, alcohol, and sweat in the air. It is about 10 PM on a hot August night inside the Echo in Los Angeles. People are packed inside the small music venue waiting as band roadies set up the stage with speakers, microphones, electric guitars, electric bass guitars, and a drum set. Groups of black-clothed or stud, patch, and chain laden people are scattered about; an eager, almost impatient energy dominates the venue’s atmosphere. There is a thumbs up exchange between venue crew members and the lights go off, leaving only bright and colorful stage lights shining on the empty stage. The audience erupts with cheers as four middle-aged men walk on stage. They get in their places and moments later, fast-paced, messy, distortion-heavy music blasts from the stage and speakers. The singer growls, “I wanna kick in the radio/ I wanna bomb the record store/ I say, destroy all music!” The audience goes wild and a large circle pit immediately forms in the middle of the venue. Youths and adults alike are running around, slamming into, and aggressively pushing each other in the circle pit. Some people climb on stage and dive into the crowd. All negativity, stress, obligations, and personal afflictions of the people inside the Echo fly out its doors. The band performing was Los Angeles punk rock band the Weirdos. The audience consisted of punk fans.
The punk music genre, subculture, and style is often times ignored, ridiculed, or portrayed as a fad that young
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