The Hot Tub Mystery

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Adam Smith BY124L Case Study November 19th, 2014 Analysis of “The Hot Tub Mystery” Part I 1. The paramedics found empty wine bottles on the ledge surrounding the hot tub, and the bodies of Roma and Clint Underhill on the bottom of the hot tub. The water of the hot tub seemed way too hot and the Underhill’s had both been dead for a while when the paramedics arrived. 2. The maid should be asked the following questions about the situation: Is the water usually this hot? If so, what temperature? When did you arrive at the home? When did you discover the bodies? Were the Underhill’s taking any medications? 3. Clint Underhill had taken a medicine called Lasix directly before he went into the hot tub. The Underhill’s were…show more content…
4. The general effects of alcohol on the brain is difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, impaired memory and screwed judgment making skills. On other parts of the body it can cause liver damage and eventually liver disease. However if you already have a pre-existing condition it can cause even more damage. Long-term alcohol use can also result in high blood pressure, which increases a person's risk of heart disease. The Underhill’s could have been drinking for many years and this could have caused high blood pressure in both of them. 5. Your body metabolizes 1oz of alcohol every hour (1 drink per hour). 6. The effects of a .20% BAL on a 160lb man would be very similar to a .20% BAL in a 120ln woman because the percentages are the same. In terms of driving, both of the Underhill’s would be considered to be drunk driving and would be over the legal BAL limit. The effects would be confusion, dazed, or disoriented. Needing help to stand up or walk, and pain is unnoticeable. If you are aware you’ve injured yourself, chances are you won’t do anything about it and at this point you may experience nausea and/or start vomiting. Part III 1. Blood pressure is the force of circulating blood against the walls of the arteries. The pressure of blood in the arteries correlates directly to the amount of blood pumped by the heart and the amount of resistance in the

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