The Hotel And Owned And Operated By The Mitchell Family

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Owned and operated by the Mitchell Family, The Georges Hotel is a small European styled boutique located in Chicago, Illinois. Jeff and Chad Mitchell were raised in the hospitality business, as children they both worked at their father’s motel greeting guest and helping out when the motel was short-staffed. Jeff, the older of the two sons, was most fond of this type of work, which inspired him to open The Georges Hotel. Jeff serves as the CEO and co-owner with his brother Chad who unfortunately, does not share the same interest in the hospitality business.
Although Chad is the VP of Community Relations and co-owner of the hotel, he habitually leaves his responsibilities with his wife Cindy Mitchell, who is also the hotel’s Director of Human Resources. Cindy expresses her concerns about the hotel’s management structure, especially now that Jeff wants to expand and open more Georges Hotels within the next few years. “ I remember when we built the first hotel. He got so caught up in the building process he forgot about the management structure needed to successfully operate the facility after it was completed” (Gusdorf, 2013, p.6).
As a result, the hotel is facing major organizational issues. The Georges Hotel staffs nearly 175 employees, all of whom are either family members or friends of Jeff, Chad or Cindy. If Jeff is considering expanding Cindy will have to find other means of sourcing employees. “Cindy recognizes the downsides to hiring friends and family and knows it…
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