The Hound Dystopian Analysis

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The use of censorship within many dystopian societies along with technology contributes to a society that is isolated and ignorant similar to the one Montag lives in. One thing that comes along with technological advancements are lack of complex thinking and social skills. One remarkable advanced technology that shaped the society was the Hound. The Hound was mechanical creature that follows all instructions given by the government and firemen, but the Hound do not “think anything [they] don’t want it to think”, instead it is only instructed to “hunt, find, and kill” thus a “shame, [since] it’s all it can do”(23), the use of the Hound demonstrates the simplicity of minds in this society. The job of the Hound reflects how society functions, and because the society functions in an ignorant manner where thoughts are controlled by releasing only certain…show more content…
People within the society are so obsessed with escaping their reality that they are not aware of everything else that occurring, they’re having so much fun “at [their] homes [they’ve] forgotten the world”(69) and meanwhile they’re rich while “the rest of the world is so poor, that [they] just don’t care”(69). The motives of a corrupted, dystopian-like society is to create an environment where people can avoid the problems of the rest of the world, but the isolation eventually becomes ignorance where people lack the knowledge to know how what goes on in the outside world is impacting them. For instance, women within the novels such as Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles, who are punctilious seem eager with their lives, yet when it comes to war or anything involving the outside world they become oblivious but they continue to rely on the government. When asked about the war and her husband, Mrs.Phelps responded by repeating what the government has told her, “He’ll be back next week”(90) because “the Army said so… [a] quick
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