The House Building Methods Within The Uk

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With more interest into the industrialization of house building methods within the UK, attention has been narrowed down to certain manufactured structural components and specifically the problems of “wet trades”. Less focus has been put on quality and how efficient the assembly process on site. The process of house building has been focused on traditional methods rather than a specific method. The absence of standards which should be applicable for good practice, these problems can be seen on the same site. Process documentation describes the process specifically to have certain standards, these changes are needed to improve on the whole building environment.
The house industry within the UK has been judged negatively for lacking build quality and a slow pace of new creative inventions (Ball, 1998). The UK is falling behind other countries which are using improved materials and processes (Sarja 1998; Gann et al, 1999). Less considerations is taking care of at the fitting stage while on site due to variable workforce skills. This issue has become bigger due to the dependence on self-employed workers this has hindered the creation of new inventions (Ball, 1998).
House Building Industry
The UK housing industry has been taken over by builders working privately (Bramley et al, 1995). Creative inventions have often been placed second on level of importance this has tried to be overcome by opposition between workers but also to keep skills up to standard (Ball, 1996,
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