The House I Live In Documentary Analysis

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Released in 2012, The House I Live In is a documentary that focuses mainly on drug laws, their affects on communities and its place in the War on Drugs in America. This documentary takes a deeper look at all involved in this drug war. From the dealer, to the user, to the user’s family, to drug enforcement officers, and political officials, all are recognized. Many shocking statistics were brought to my attention, many regarding the amount of money spent by the US to get a grip on this war on drugs and it’s drug users/dealers, as well as, the number of arrests made for various offenses. In addition to the statistics, the criminal justice system was greatly focused on when discussing offenders, as well as, the reasons for which they had carried…show more content…
While a majority of this is due to funding, it’s hard to put a stop to such a cycle (criminal behavior from ex-prisoners) when they are unable to survive when they are released from jail. In order to survive one must obviously need a job to support his or her self. Without a job, an individual will be driven to financial problems and the inability to provide themselves and sometimes their families with the basic living necessities (food, water, etc.). Rehabilitation programs are put into place to help with the transition between prison life and regular society, however, when rehabilitation programs are cut due to lack of funding, the transition for prisoners is nearly impossible. They are unable to transition and adapt to present day society when they are unable to participate in such programs, and are unable to secure a job due to their criminal history. So the sad cycle repeats itself because the same offenders who were convicted for drug dealing and/or drug use, return to their same old behavior as a way to make fast money to support themselves. This is also true for prisoners who were not previous drug dealers and/or users, who just need to make fast money when they are released from prison. Whether dealing or not, some will begin to use as an outlet to not facing their financial struggles, which is extremely sad. This prison systems expects the prisoners who are released to learn from their mistakes, and do their time behind bars, but doesn’t emphasis post prison transitioning enough, nor does a very good job of making job accessible to past prisoners so that they can survive and live a functional life outside of the barbed
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