The House I Live In Essay

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“The House I Live In,” a movie that explains the war on drugs from multiple perspectives from addict to enforcement and lawmaker between. The house I live in states that the war on drugs created by Richard Nixon in the 1970’s is a failure on many levels as well as causing more harm than good. Then goes in-depth on why these failures occurred. The first topic discussed were cops. Cops play a major role in the drug war. The film made it clear that cops are a tool for a self-perpetuating system.
Cops have done harm through asset seizure which legalizes and promotes cops to take property from addicts and dealers as a way to get back and help fund their department in able to bring in more cash. Another reason cops have caused harm is the fact that cops inherently profile and stop groups of people who fit the description as either a drug dealer or user to make arrests. This form of discrimination has caused distrust among minority communities and police. Cops have also created a system which puts drug arrests over real crime. An example of this happens when a cop testified that they make more money per month of drugs arrests than
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The film discussed the reasons why poverty became prevalent. Then goes on to show how poverty has created a system which becomes dependent on so-called “crime” and drug use. An example of how poverty affected the black community is when black Americans couldn’t find jobs so they resorted to drug dealing to live. A self-perpetuating system evolved from a lack of jobs turning needy people into criminals. Discrimination historically set certain groups up to fail to control their population. An example given in the film talked about the Chinese opium in the 1920’s, African-American cocaine in the 1950’s and the Mexicans who smoked marijuana around 1910. All three of these groups posed a threat to the American population at the time because these people were hard
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