The House I Live In Summary

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I was not surprised with what the statistics showed regarding the amount of prison poulation incarcerated in the United States. The fact that the U.S. has the highest prison population in the world however, does show that something isn't sufficient. Another statistic the film mentioned about our country's prison population that I found very alarming and saddnening was the fact that the greater majority of prisoners were of minority background (Black Americans first and other minorities following). In the film it was mentioned that there are a greater amount of African Amercans in prison now than were enslaved during the civil war (The House I Live In, 2012). Furthermore, there was a theory mentioned regarding the history of drug involvement in the…show more content…
A possible alternative to incarcerating first time or minor drug offenders could be mandatory attendence of a rehabilitation program with regular drug testing for a certain amount of time. Furthermore, and intensive education program such as traffic school but aimed at drug use. If I were a legislater I would fistr want to fix the descrimination in prison sentencing regarding crack versus cocaine sentencing. In my opinion it seems to be unfair and cause a descrimination based on economic class. Next, I would want to take a look at the harsh sentencing that has been going on and perhaps change the amount of time on would serve adding on mandatory rehabilitation that would further continue for an alloted time period once an individual was released from prison. Other changes would be getting prisoners back some of their rights such as food stamps, and housing. Another benefit I think could be addressed in the form of a law as a legislator are possible trade programs in jail that would help prisoners find a job upon
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