The House Is Spacious And Immaculate

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After a long, tiring walk home, Peter and I eventually reach our destination. Peter runs into his room, and flops on the bed. He appears to be angry with me. Oh, well. He’ll thank me later. We’ve been home for about an hour, and finally Mary comes in and slams the door. As soon as she does, the entire house transforms. Everything grows larger and begins to resemble a house. The dirt walls turn into stone and there are immense windows with violet drapes. The furniture transfigures from home-made, wooden chairs and tables into elaborate and expensive furnishings. All of the clothes in the wardrobe change into exquisite masterpieces of fabric. The house is spacious and immaculate. Peter, Mary, and I are standing here in a state of shock. And…show more content…
“Oh, be quiet Peter.” I counter.

So I guess you can imagine what happened next. Mary went back to Bell and got me magic. But, still, I wasn’t satisfied. I continued to become greedy. I just could not quench my desire for more. After living in the improved house, I became a bit bored. One day I thought that we should have pixie dust so that we could fly around Neverland. And to my surprise, pixie dust does make you fly. With my new abilities, I was able to give Mary and Peter whatever they wanted. Yet, Peter ran away about two days ago. He said something about getting away from my greed. I shared with him, so I didn’t quite understand but I don’t really care where he is. If he decided to leave, then that is his problem. Our lives were happy and perfect. But it didn’t last for long.

Later that week, I am sitting in my glamorous room, eating berries. What once was a small and dingy living area is now filled with a large bed and golden furniture. There is a wardrobe filled with my favorite clothing. Anything that I could ever fathom wanting, is present. As I sit here, a sudden thought comes to me. If I can have everything that I want, why not become royalty? I heard somewhere over the multiple years I’ve spent in Neverland that the island used to have a monarchy. There were many different lands with rulers. Every few years, a new leader was appointed from one of the different lands of Neverland. One year is may be a Pirate, the
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