The House Of Dreams By La Casa Sognata

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La Casa Sognata is translated as “The House of Dreams”. This is what my family named our home located in Key Largo. When you walked into the house, it was like all of your worries and problems disappeared. It really did feel like all of your dreams came true in that one moment. The amount of amazing memories I have in just one place is unbelievable. From relaxing outside and watching the sunset to tubing on the back of the wave runners. It was truly amazing. The house was bought in tribute to my grandmother that passed away on new years eve in 2003. My uncle had her ashes placed in a memorial and placed in the ocean behind the house. The memorial was situated behind the home to the west, so the sun always set over her. The memorial was tied to a purple buoy with a wreath. On new years eve, every year, we would spread flowers on her ashes. We would talk to her and then celebrate her life in the most relaxing place. My uncle always envisioned a place where everyone could get together and have the time of their lives, and it was a success. I remember the first time I saw the house. It was like a mansion in paradise. It was a two story, four bedroom home with a guest house connected to it. When I first arrived, there was a gate that I had to enter. I got out of the car and there were beautiful flowers and palm trees leading to the house. On the wall there was a plaque that had my grandmothers face engraved in it and it said “mia bella madre”. I kept walking, noticing that

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