The House Of Representatives By Alexander Hamilton Essay

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The House of Representatives by wrote by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. Hamilton was the treasury secretary; he called a meeting of all 13 states at Annapolis, Maryland in September 1786 to discuss the economy situation in the country at that time. Hamilton built around a strong and fiscally stable central government. He left the effort to establish the first such bank, Hamilton is regarded as the “ Father of the National Debt” because he felt that national debt was really a “blessing”, Hamilton was killed by Aaron burr in a duel in Weehawken, New jersey, on July 12, 1804. James Madison helped draft Virginias’s state constitution when he was 25. His presidency was marred by the War of 1812 the only war in which U.S. soil was overrun by enemy forces.
The Unites states of assembly are also the parliament one of the third army of government is branched into two parts, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Both provide an important role in securing the good policies and constitution that shows the citizens aspect are passed. Senate is the highest house is made up of two individuals pattern that every state that are elected by not looking at the how many people are there in the states. The senates have the powers of accepting treaties, picking federal official for particular judges, secretaries and the senior military people.
The Federalists papers indicate to old days when they were being developed. The federalist’s papers are displaying the action of House and
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