The House Of Spirits By Isabel Allende

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In The House of Spirits, a magical realist novel written by Isabel Allende, various themes are introduced throughout the text. One major theme brought to the reader’s attention is anger/hatred and retribution. Another major theme that captures the reader’s attention is violence and suffering. These two themes showcase themselves amongst different characters and in different ways. Anger, hatred, retribution, violence, and suffering all correspond with each other throughout the text to show how characters deal with adversity. Anger/hatred and retribution is very common in the novel. The first instance that retaliation is shown out of anger is in chapter 1. During a church service the del Valle family was attending, one of the daughters of Severo and Nivea del Valle, Clara, makes a statement questioning the existence of an afterlife. Father Restrepo gets mad and in retaliation on page 7, he is quoted saying “Possessed...She’s possessed by the devil!” Father Restrepo was upset at Clara’s statement and responded out of spite. Another occurrence where a character punishes another character out of a anger is when Esteban Trueba kicks his sister out of his house for sleeping with Clara. In chapter 4, Ferula climbs into bed with Clara, without Clara knowing. Esteban comes home and finds the two women sleeping together and drags Ferula out of the bed. Esteban forbids that Ferula come near his family again. In retaliation, Ferula curses Esteban saying “You will always be alone! Your
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