The House Of The Mysterious And ( 1 )

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It was a cold Friday in November and the leaves were running away from the house down the street. As I step outside the wind blows directly into me as if telling me to go back inside, but I do not listen and continue on to the, so called, “haunted” house of the mysterious and (1) reprobated Williams family. The neighborhood I live in is a middle-class neighborhood with decant sized houses except for this one (2) immutable eye sore of a house. The house is three stories with long narrow windows trailing up the sides, a large grand double front door and the entire house is painted in a dark grey-scale of paints. Even their grass was so dead it became a dark brown almost black and none the trees surrounding the home were bare. The (3) derange in nature calls to question, what is inside that home? And it was that question that got me into this mess in the first place. My friends and I were hanging out and one thing lead to another and I ended up being dared to go to the house and flirt with Cole Williams the youngest son whom they believe has a crush on me. He was chosen partly because to our friend group he is seen as an outsider due to the (4) dogmatism of immature teenagers. Cole Williams was 16 years old but looked 19 and was the color of snow with dark stormy hair and had a (5) disconsolate attitude so he did not acquire many friends. Approaching the home I clutched my fist as hard as I could and then slowly lift my hand and knocked three times on the large black door. A
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