The House Of The Scorpion By Nancy Farmer

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Everyone needs friends who they can trust and rely on to always have their back. The House of the Scorpion is a dystopian fiction novel written by Nancy Farmer, is about a clone, named Matt, of the powerful drug lord, El Patron. When he is brought into a world ruled by El Patron, he is hated by everyone in the big house, except for a sweet girl named Maria, who lightens Matt’s day with just her presence, his bodyguard who becomes more like his father, and Celia, the woman who has taken care of Matt since he was made into a clone. He learns what it is like to live in a world full of social hierarchy and in his adventure he goes from the top to the bottom and everywhere in between. He is constantly being judged on who he is and is learning more about his identity, though mostly learns about love and loyalty . In this adventure of The House of the Scorpions, Matt finds that loyalty with friends is one of the most important things to have. Farmer shows many aspects that point to this theme.
Matt experiences lots of loyalty and love when he is with Tam Lin. In the beginning of the book, when Matt chooses Tam Lin to be his bodyguard, he did not know that he would also become his best friend. Tam Lin would do anything for Matt, even if it includes saving his life, which he did. When El Patron died, and Matt was no longer useful, Tam Lin was ordered to kill him, but instead, he helped him survive and set up a plan for him to escape. At first, Matt had thought that Tam Lin Was
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