The House Of Vanity Presents As A Supernatural

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THE HOUSE OF VANITY presents as a supernatural, short thriller. The setting of the manor helps creates an ominous and gloomy tone fitting for this story. The storm also adds to the chilling ambiance. The story is driven by themes about vanity, destiny, fate, free will, and the idea of evil. While there are definite strengths in the short, the short would also benefit from building upon those strengths. As mentioned, the setting is eerie. The idea of a fortuneteller/clairvoyant is a smart story choice. There’s an intriguing connection between Madame and the TS Eliot. The opening scene with Garrison and the Madame helps create nice suspense and anticipation. Garrison is believable as a broken man, desperate to change his destiny. The Madame also feels authentic as the fortuneteller. There’s a solid inciting event with the murder and the suicide. The scream in the background nicely foreshadows Matilda, although another creative choice is to actually show young Matilda walking into the room. On a small note, the scene transition from the reading to showing Garrison back at home does feel a bit jarring and rough. Perhaps end with Madame Sosostris slamming down a tarot card, with the sounds of thunder, and then overlap the sound of the storm to the scene at the Murbank’s home. The story is propelled forward when Matilda seeks help from the Madame. It’s another smart story choice. Her goal is clear: get answers. The stakes are more personal than physical. Matilda doesn’t
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