The House On Mango Street

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Some think of intuition as a mystical power, others think it is just lucky guesswork; either way, intuition tells the brain what it needs to know before our conscious catches up. Each generalization contains different factors, leaving the choice of what factors to leave in and which to leave out. Causing a difficult confrontation of what to believe and what to forget. In Sandra Cisneros’ novel, The House on Mango Street, the universal process of rapid cognition inherently affects stereotyping and discrimination perpetuating gender and racial inequality. Humans obtain the ability to quickly read facial expressions and generalize personality traits. This is commonly known as intuition; the results of unconscious thinking, allowing for the…show more content…
These outsiders “come into [the] neighborhood scared. They think we’re dangerous… [and] will attack them with shiny knives” (Cisneros 28). Without any supporting evidence for their prejudices, the outsiders assume those living within the Hispanic community are bad and violent people. The residents are judged based solely on their ethnicity, which comes from the outsiders pre determined intuitive thinking. CONCLUSION SENTENCE AND LEADING TO NEXT PARAGRAPH Just as intuition creates negative stereotypes for minority races, it also creates superior generalizations for caucasian people. To prove this, Gladwell discussed the 29th president of the United States, Warren Harding. People looked at Warren Harding and judged him based on his handsome appearance. Because of his good looks and tall stature, Harding was unwarrantably thought of as a man of courage, intelligence, and integrity. His looks halted people from going below his veneer appearance. (Gladwell) Most of our generalizations are based from prejudice and discrimination. We have to be able to know when we should trust our rapid cognition and when we need to reassess after it has led us astray. Implicit Association Test: showing how we make connections much more quickly between pairs of ideas that we are familiar too rather than those that are unfamiliar (Gladwell). LEAD IN FOR NEXT PARAGRAPH Despite the

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