The House On Mango Street Summer Assignment

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Dillon Afenir Honors Sophomore Comp/Lit 1 September 2016 The House on Mango Street Summer Assignment 1. Identify an instance where Cisneros uses powerful imagery. Explain the effect of that imagery upon the reader. Remember that imagery can appeal to any of the senses, including sight, sound, taste, smell, or touch. Throughout The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros puts plenty of examples of powerful and meaningful imagery. It helps to contribute to the overall tone and message the stories are trying to exude. In the vignette “A Rice Sandwich” Esperanza is sent to the headmaster’s office after trying to get into a lunch line that she wasn’t usually in, even when she had a letter from her mom that she was supposed to be there. The headmaster eventually becomes aware of where she lives: a rundown, raggedy house in an even worse neighborhood. The headmaster allows Esperanza to return to the canteen and began to eat. However, she is not welcomed by the other kids and is watched by “lots of boys and girls… while [Esperanza] cried and ate [her] sandwich, the bread greasy and the rice cold” (45). What Cisneros says really targets the visual and auditory senses. When I have read this vignette, I could visualize her looking out the window of the headmaster’s office, having point out her house, and then only to return to the canteen humiliated just to be looked upon as an unusual creature. What I also picked up on is the tears and the worst looking sandwich anyone in the canteen

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