The House Was Empty With Nothing

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The house was empty with nothing but dust. Hearing the wind blow and making the house creek an erie noise. Going deeper and deeper in the house, it only got darker and darker. Suddenly a huge smash! Rushing to the sound, only to find a turned over cabinet and an open window. a trail of blood leading towards the wind with a scarf caught on a piece of glass blowing in the wind. Scared to death. Henry ran out of the house and went to the car. He turned around and looked back at the house. He still could see the scarf blowing in the wind. He walked over to the scarf and picked it up. All of a sudden a blast of coldness went straight through his body. Frightened even more he ran to the car and got in. He was moving frantically to find his keys. All of a sudden he stopped. looking out of the windshield he saw a shadowy figure. It was pacing back and forth in front of the car. He just kept looking for his keys. He finally found them and he looked up only to see nothing pacing in front of the car anymore. He started the car and then a loud scream and a loud smash and glass breaking, he threw the car in reverse and floored it. He Jumped the curb and threw the car in drive and floored it all the way home. He pulled into his drive and he ran into the house. He went straight to the bathroom and turned the water on and splashed it on his face. As he looked down in the sink he says “ I must be dreaming right now”. He looks up in the mirror only to see a horrid figure standing behind…
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