The House on Mango Street Persuasive Essay

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Name The House on Mango Street Persuasive Essay Esperanza’s New Home I would like to nominate Esperanza Codero and her family for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Esperanza is a young Latino girl who is around the age of thirteen; Esperanza lives in a place called Mango Street, which is a very poor neighborhood, with her family in a nearly broken down house in which everybody has to share a room. I believe Esperanza deserves to be nominated because she has been through a great deal in The House on Mango Street. Esperanza deserves to be chosen for the show because she understands her situation and the fact that her parents cannot provide her with the essentials like a stable house and the things she wants. There are a few…show more content…
Esperanza faces a large amount of adversity, which she must overcome, living on Mango Street. Esperanza knows that overcoming her situation on Mango Street will prove to be a challenge for her. “[The four skinny trees] strength is secret. They send ferocious roots beneath ground. They grow up and down and grab the earth between hairy toes and bite the sky with violent teeth and never quit their anger. This is how they keep.” (Cisneros 74) This quote describes that Esperanza can overcome her situation of being on Mango Street just like the skinny trees can grow up through the concrete. Esperanza feels that she must eventually come back to Mango Street because it was her first home. “They will not know I have gone away and come back.” (Cisneros 110) This quote symbolizes that even though Esperanza believes she does not belong on Mango Street that she is a part of it and she cannot change that. Esperanza copes with daily life by telling stories, stories of Mango Street and all those who lived on it. Esperanza’s ability to overcome the adversity in her neighborhood makes her a great choice for the show. Esperanza and her family deserve this because they have never had a stable home to call their own. Esperanza deserves to be chosen because the only thing she has ever wanted is a home. Esperanza’s family would benefit from this because they would never forget who they are or where they came from for example when Esperanza says she will invite bums into her home

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