The Hr Director Of The Company

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i. Introduction I interviewed my aunt Hui Wang, the HR director of Rising Securities. Headquartered at Beijing, China, Rising Securities provides financial services such as portfolio management, investment banking and securities margin trading. The reason that I chose to interview her is compared with other candidates within my network, she is the only HR director other than HR recruiters. As a result, I can ask her questions in a bigger picture instead of focusing on recruiting process. Furthermore, because I plan to eventually go back to Beijing to work in the financial service industry, getting to know more about the HR strategies of Rising Securities seems more interesting and meaningful to me. ii. Questions and Answers • What is the…show more content…
Such analysis should include both visible and hidden cost. • What is the structure of Rising Securities’ HR department? Answer: HR department can be divided into teams with different functions. There are recruiting team, training team, employee benefit team, evaluation and rewarding team, and employee relation team. • What is the recruiting process of the company? Which part of it is the most time-consuming? Answer: The recruiting process is from advertisement posting to resume sifting to interview or tests, which depends on the positions the applicants are applying for, then to sending out offer letters, and finally to enrollment filings. Normally, interviews will take more time than the other parts. Interviewing a normal candidate needs to be done by the recruiting manager from the HR department and the manager of the department that the candidate is applying for. Interviewing a department manager or backbone employee requires the HR director and the president or the vice president. • How to attract applicants? Answer: Advertisement posting is very important to draw people’s attention. Nowadays, online marketing especially social media marketing is the best way to reach potential candidates. Also, the company needs to have a good reputation in the securities industry and a good rewarding system. • How does the company evaluate an applicant’s competency during the recruiting process? Answer: Depends on the positions the applicants are applying
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