The Hr Executive Manager Of Business Jet Seating Solutions

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I had got the chance to look into the human resource perspective with the aid of an exciting interview with the HR executive manager of “Business-Jet Seating Solutions”. She was very cooperative, we had an interesting discussion about the responsibilities of human resources in the organization and in particular the strategic concerns related to the human resources which are currently affecting the company. Most of the debate was about the lack of contribution of the HR in the expansion and execution of the overall business strategy. The interview was very edifying and it gave me a good depiction of the HR management role play in the organization. It was evident that HR had limited access over strategic growth of the company, so therefore whatever the HR did, eventually bowed out to be counterproductive and a squander of valuable resources. Among all the issues discussed, my attention span was drawn to employee retention and high turnover concerns. If the mentioned concerns were resolved, it would have paved a significant path for the growth of the organization coupled with strategic human resource management.
Literature Research Employees are the most imperative resource of the company and human resource management is responsible for efficiently managing them, thus improving job satisfaction, commitment, communication and reduction of turnover-rate. Due to the dramatic ever changing economy and technological advancements at the workplace, the integration of HR…
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