The Hr Manager Can Improve Organizational Functions

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In today’s environment it’s very important that employees feel like they are able to speak up within the company when they have something to provide or if they have any concerns. When companies allow employees to have a voice, it keeps the communication channel open which helps to improves the willingness for employees to give ideas that can that can improve organizational functions (Detert & Burris, 2007). While this is a benefit to the employer and employees, most employees don’t feel they work in an environment like this where they are free to voice their concerns. Today we are going to discuss how I as the HR manager will address the concerns that one of my employees has with his manager. First, I will discuss the steps I will take…show more content…
The next thing I will do is engage with the supervisor to get his side of the story. It’s very important to ensure that I have both points of views in order to not to show any bias. After consulting with the manager about his meeting, it confirmed what the employee told me and I have to intervene and address this issue with the supervisor. There are several things that I’m going to address with the supervisor about his behavior. The first thing to be addressed is how he talked to the employee about his issue. The manager didn’t focus on the employee concerns or how he felt, he discussed how brad made more money then him and messed up his business plan and projections. Additionally, he stated that brad was making everyone else look bad and the manager needs to look like he knows what he is doing. Not only was the manager unprofessional, but he also violated a discrimination act that could leave the company vulnerable if the employee lost his job by not meeting his quota or quit. There are different types of discriminations and the one the supervisor violated was equal pay act when dealing with compensation. The Equal Pay Act requires that people in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. The jobs don’t have to be identical, but they must be substantially equal. The
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