The Hr Policies And Employees

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that can motivate the employee to reach greater heights of productivity within the limited time period. Thus through motivation, the HR professional could improve the efficiency and the effectiveness with which the employees work. Alongside the HR policy should in particular focus on employees‟ innovation through managing motivating and rewarding the employees at the right time to enhance the competitive advantage (Gupta and Singhal 1993). 3.4 Everyday staff Management HR support is critical to provide advice, guidance and support for employees and SME owners alike. Where there are employees there are questions around entitlements, legislation, harassment and company policy that come up regularly. Having up to date policies, procedures and Employee Handbooks means employees have clear guidelines to work from. Although it may seem common practice for businesses to have simple policies and procedures in place the overarching concern here for owners and managers is that they don’t have the time (and usually experience and skills) to dedicate to HR when they should be focusing on the business and doing what they do best. It may take time upfront, but will save time in the long run. Staff issues arise at various phases throughout an employees’ lifecycle - someone resigns over the peak period, people taking leave at the same time, employee disagreements, or realising someone doesn’t have the necessary skills – are all situations where it is necessary to be proactive in
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