The Huddle Transitional Program And Social And Emotional Learning Essay

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Review of The Huddle Transitional Program and Social and Emotional Learning
The purpose of the ‘transition day’ at The Huddle was to equip Year 5/6 students with social and emotional self-awareness to assist in their transition into secondary education. The learning of social and emotional skills was introduced to students in small groups led by pre-service teachers, focussing on playing games that required attention to teamwork, individual effort, and competitive spirit. Following these games, discussions were held with the students, reflecting on the process in which they engaged emotionally and/or socially with aspects of successfully completing a game. Student would then write their reflections in response to structured questions into a booklet, allowing them to reflect again as they continue to move towards the end of their primary education and the beginning of their secondary education. Student’s reflections would include the identification of social or emotional skills required to successfully complete a task, and an evaluation of why particular skills are important as they transition. Ang and Penney (2013) conducted researched on the implementation of social and emotional earning within a sports education unit, identifying three key phases, all of which were evident in the Transition Day. Phase One involves outlining the activity, defining outcomes, and setting goals. Phase Two involves engaging in the activity around teamwork and team-building skills. Phase Three

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