The Huge Problem of Human Trafficking

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27 million people all over the world are currently being forced into human trafficking or modern day slavery, 161 countries including the US will be affected by human trafficking. 1 million children will be exploited by the commercial sex trade each year. Sex trafficking began in the 1700s in the United States. It hasn’t been stopped because it continues to increase over the years. Even though the law enforcement and people around the world could be strong enough to stop human trafficking, I believe this situation needs to be more focused on and stopped as soon as possible. Because Human Trafficking is increasing rapidly and Oklahoma is a cross-way for sex trafficking due to the interstates such as I-35, I-40 and I-44. Reading the…show more content…
Rehabilitation for victims is available such as Freedom Place and Dream Center. Joy Friedman, a survivor of 27 years of sex trafficking in the United States, now serves as women’s program manager at Breaking Free, a Minnesota nonprofit group that helps women and children escape that world. On average, sex trafficking victims are between 12 and 14. It is estimated that between 100,000 and 300,000 U.S. children are sex slaves. Providing care for these victims is very important, their self-esteem is completely demolished and don’t know where to begin to fix themselves. On Aug. 7 Alaina Paige Lamecker, 23, was arrested by Tulsa police for making arrangements for a 14-year-old girl to engage in a set act in exchange for $120. Enhancing penalties for these kidnappers are being discussed and are planning to establish them as “sex offenders” for life. Not all of these crimes happen in Oklahoma but it is the most involved state. The “prostitutes” get charged with prostitution and for using Medias to advertise it.
Jeannetta McCrary, 41, told lawmakers how she went from being a straight-A cheerleader in a middle class family to a life of sexual exploitation and prostitution as a victim of child trafficking in the 1980s. She started hanging out with older friends and, when she was 11, she went with some of them to a party at an apartment in Tulsa. She said she was drugged and awoke naked on a dirty mattress in a room she did
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