The Hugglemonster: Personal Narrative

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Once there was a monster, but not just any monster a hugglemonster, Henry Hugglemonster. It was his 6th birthday. So, his mother got him a present, it was a trip to Japan! Though, little does Henry know, this trip will not exactly be what he expects. You won’t find out whether it's good or bad till the end.
At the airport, Henry was very nervous. He didn’t know what to expect. They were walking onto their private jet, “The Huggle Express,” Henry asked his mother, ”Where are we going to stop first?” His mother replied, “We are stopping at the Samurai Museum!” Henry knew they were going to learn a lot about Japanese culture.
As soon as they arrived they walked into the museum. Henry had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, but then he realized that it was probably just his drowsiness from the plane. So they walked into the first room in the museum ,which had all of the ancient Samurai helmets. Samurai are ancient Japanese
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On the jet, somebody hijacked the plane! It was Timbo Tugglemonster. Timbo made Henry and Mama answer three questions about Japan, or else he would push them off the plane. Henry and Mama agreed to answer because if they would be safe.
The first question was a true or false question. It was, “Watermelons are square in Japan?” This got Henry and Mama thinking. They finally came to an answer it was True. Timbo was very angry they got the question correct.
Question two was, “About how many earthquakes does Japan suffer from each year?” Mama knew this one right away. The answer was about 1,500. Timbo was so upset he pushed Mama off the plane into the China Sea, which was southwest of Japan. Henry made the biggest decision he had ever made in his life.
Henry had to answer the next question fast so he could save Mama. The question was ,“What continent is Japan in?” Henry knew it. He screamed, “Africa!”It was incorrect. Timbo laughed evilly he pushed Henry off the
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