The Hugo Chavez Documentary, Questions and Answers

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1. After watching the Hugo Chavez documentary it is clear that the subject matter was his downfall as the republican president. Chavez was the republican president of Venezuelan from 1999 until 2013 when he pasted away from cancer. This documentary showed a lot of the not so positive posted of views on Chavez. As we discussed after class Chavez wanted to run his government as a place: for the people, by the people. This is commonly refereed to as a socialist reform for a president. Chavez could have worked if he consider all of the Venezuelan people. But it was clear that he did not consider the needs of the middle class people, which lead to his downfall as a president. Failing the middle class people was his strings downfall because these people took there feelings to the media. In doing so the media showed Chavez to the world in a negative perspective.

2. For the Chavez documentary both inquisitiveness and character would be an apporaite description fitting to what attempted to take on as president. But let's focus on the character aspect for the global hr leadership section of the text book. Character is described on page 88 of the textbook as " character involves a global leaders ability to connect emotionally with people from diverse cultures and wiry an unwavering demonstration of personal integrity". Chavez tried to be very charismatic when it came to the lower class Venezuelan people. He promised most these people homes to live in. An example of this was when
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