The Human Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Essay

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The human acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a retrovirus that is found in two forms HIV-1 and HIV-2. The AIDS virus is a relatively new virus receiving attention in the 1980’s. As quickly as it swept through the world, was as quickly it went to epidemic proportions. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a virus that enters and infects the body through sexual activity with an infected party. AIDS is a very infectious and dangerous virus that causes the death of many humans. AIDS is characterized by two single stranded RNA and uses enzyme reverse transcription to integrate into the hosts DNA.
The AIDS virus is transmitted through sexual activity with someone that is infected with the virus. HIV has the most genetic diversity seen in viruses. HIV enters the immune system through bodily fluids from an infected party. Upon entering the body the virus (two single strand RNA strands) it replicates using reverse transcription to get into the DNA. HIV favors entering cells with the CD4+ receptor, which allows for binding. While just not obtaining the receptor does not make a person 100% less susceptible to the virus, it still allows the person to get the virus. The lack of receptor comes from ancestors that survived the Black Death in Europe. Their adaptation was passed on to their children and created a higher resistance to AIDS as well. After attachment to cell preferably with CD4+ HIV must now go into viral transcription.
HIV-1 and HIV-2 are two distinct forms of…