The Human Being Is The Natural And Spiritual Unity

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The human being is the natural and spiritual unity, where she is rooted in life with instinct, spirit, nature and culture. Human’s lives consciously and motivates his/her actions; not only just passes through the mind, but somehow justify. Through consciousness he/she organized his/her life, for example, in time, in space, and considers in its causal relationships of others. But today, we have society were people doesn’t think about what they are doing in this entire world. They don’t think what is good or bad for everybody. Today, most of them think only for his/her selves, and trying to achieve their goals in different ways by harming others. I always, ask myself - why do we have the wars in the world? Why people fight with each other? Why we don’t have fear to our creatures? The question always comes up with “Why?”. I understand that everybody doing whatever they want or because somebody says to do this, but sometime we are confusing our “self” because we don’t have the answer what good or bad for us. But we are people, and we have to have our moral values, which I don’t see today in our society. We have lots of problems which we don’t solve today because we don’t care, for example, Russia who was brotherly country to the Ukraine, now against and fight with her; killed many young people, who may raise the future birth. Also, we can see the war in Syria which killed more than 250,000 people. And we see that not all people in the world wants to help people from Syria; to
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