The Human Body And Health Essay

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From the dawn of time, the primitive beings that wandered the face of this earth have always been fascinated and curious about the perplexing human body. They have pondered upon the mysteries that lie dormant within the vessel and the potential of what it could do. Even today, after millions of years have passed, anatomists still have yet to explore the human body completely and uncover all its complexity. Along with the advancement of our knowledge in terms of anatomy and physiology, the concept of health has also evolved. In fact, the human body and health go together like peanut butter and jelly; you cannot have one without the other. Unlike the approved definition used in the past, health is much more than the “absence of disease” and having a fit body. This paper will present you my rendition of the definition of health and my personal reflections on the health-related readings presented in this course so far. My definition of health is the ability to be able to balance the physical and mental aspects of one’s life by being able to adapt to new environments and situations. In other words, health is much more than being free from ailments and sickness, but it is a way of life. Over the years, this description has shape shifted in correlation to my surroundings. I will go into deeper detail later on how I derived to my present definition, but I will start by introducing the one that I grew up to know. My ethnic background and long medical history have played a

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