The Human Body And Mind Essay

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A Picture as I see it.
The human brain is an amazing phenomenon. It is arguably the most important organ in the human body. True, the heart does pump blood through our veins to transport oxygen from our lungs to the tissues in our body so we may live, but, without the core of our central nervous system (the Bain) to regulate the heartbeat, breathing, sight, sensations, hearing and many other functions that our body’s perform every moment of our lives, we would die. Look at the brain as a computer motherboard, it is programed to tell our body what to do when to do it through thought or instinct. In order for the brain to tell our body’s exactly how to react to a situation it first must know what is going on. This is accomplished throughout the body by Sensation and Perception. To show how this process works in the human body and mind, I will choose a painting that I have never seen before and describe how my mind processes this information and relays it to the rest of my body to get either an emotional or physical reaction. I will also describe how writing this paper has affected my perception on critical thinking. First let us start by defining Sensation and Perception. Sensation is the retrieval process of stimulus from the outside the human body (King, L.A. (2016). Experience psychology. (3rd ed). New York: McGraw Hill). Perception as also defined by (King, L.A. (2016). Experience psychology. (3rd ed.) says that this is the process that the brain uses to interpret all
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