The Human Body And The Body

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Besides learning science, I always wanted to learn more about how our bodies functioned. As a child, my innate curiosity was fed by reading books that explained the mysteries of the human body such as why we sneeze, or why our hairs stand when we are cold. As I learned more about the human body in college through courses on molecular biology and nutrition, my passion for applying science to health and the body grew. However, I still do not feel as though I have learned enough even after four years of studying biochemistry. I looked for other ways to enrich my knowledge of how the body works by enrolling in online courses such as medicinal chemistry, medicine in the digital age, and musculoskeletal cases in anatomy. As I learned more about medicine and the human body, I became more eager to use that knowledge to comfort others through medicine.

After hearing of negative healthcare experiences and experiencing health issues such as severe dysmenorrhea, the desire to help others feel at ease grew as well. Experiencing severe dysmenorrhea as a teenager was debilitating. Once a month, I was crippled by painful cramps. I was unable to take pain relieving medicine until after I vomited from pain and nausea. By that time, my body was so exhausted that I fell into a deep sleep once I closed my eyes. Every month, I wondered why I experienced it and how I could stop it. To this day, no one knows for sure why such an event occurs but I have taken it upon myself to find some answers.…

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