The Human Body And The Functions Of It

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Although Victor Frankenstein did indeed create the monster, from a medical standpoint there are procedures and logistics that Frankenstein should have considered that could have lead to the creation of a being that is more acceptable in society. Studying the human body and the functions of it is the study of human anatomy and physiology. Anatomy and physiology are typically important to the study of medicine. But to study medicine, all types of sciences it is a requirement to study multiple types of sciences. On the contrary, to study the different types of sciences does not require the study of anatomy and physiology. Victor Frankenstein was not originally interested in the human frame. Instead he was interested and studied chemistry…show more content…
That being said, Victor Frankenstein had very limited knowledge of the human body after spending so much of his time studying chemistry. Because Frankenstein was not focused on medicine, he was not entirely educated in this field. But in medicine, it is important for care givers to follow a certain set of protocols to ensure the patient’s health is in good condition. In order to follow these protocols, a healthcare provider must spend a great deal of time learning about the human body and many diseases. Professor M. Waldan was the lecturer that presented during Frankenstein’s first lecture. He told the class that as a person of science, it is important to study all types of sciences, but this concept did not settle well with Frankenstein. He said “There only remained a resolution to return to my ancient studies and to devote myself to a science for which I believed myself to possess a natural talent” (Shelley 49). As talked about in the story leading to Frankenstein’s departure for Ingolstadt, it is apparent that this science is, in fact, the natural philosophy of chemistry. Chemistry is an important science in the world, but without an in depth focus on anatomy or physiology, Frankenstein missed out on the opportunity to learn important lessons about the human body. The lessons he missed out of that could have helped him most in the creation of the monster could include decaying rate of all the parts of a human body, the importance of
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