The Human Body Cope With Stress

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I am someone who is deeply interested in studying the human condition as it ranges in response to a variety of life experiences and stressors. Humans respond to stress differently and largely as a function of their environmental context. The many ways in which the systems of the human body cope with stress can influence long-term health and developmental outcomes that may even cross over into subsequent generations. Much of my curiosity in learning about human development stems from my own family background. In fact, my parents are refugees from the country of Eritrea; they fled from the Eritrean-Ethiopian civil war-- as the people of Eritrea fought for their independence from Ethiopian rule. My parents, along with thousands of others, sought political asylum and eventually found refuge in the United States. My parents recount their experiences of having to stealthily travel from camp to camp and entering neighboring countries that forced them to assimilate for the sake of their safety and survival. Currently, Eritrea continues to experience a outflux of its citizens by the thousands as they attempt to escape the despotism in government that currently plagues the land. The experiences of my parents and the countless other immigrants of Eritrea motivate me so strongly to focus and draw parallels to the current experiences of people who have been directly impacted by the crisis in Syria. It inspires me to grasp a better understanding firsthand of the affected Syrian
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