The Human Body Is A Complex System

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The human body is a complex system that is composed of billions of cells, undergoing growth, division and death in an orderly fashion on a daily basis. When this process occurs in an abnormal manner, the outcome is typically referred to as a tumor. In today’s world, tumor is a term that is commonly heard throughout the world. Also referred to as neoplasm, a tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue resulting from the rapid cell division due to some form of mutation (Cooper). They are classified into four main groups: benign, in situ, malignant and those with uncertain or unknown behaviour. Of the four classes of tumor, malignant neoplasms are those tumors that are typically referred to as cancers (Cooper). These tumors involve abnormal cell growth that has the potential to invade and destroy the surrounding tissue, possibly forming metastases and becoming fatal. Eye tumors are secondary tumors that results from a primary tumor that has spread from other parts of the body and have invaded the eye. There are two primary types that occur within the eye: retinoblastoma in children, and melanoma in adults.

Ocular melanoma is a rare cancer that occurs in the adult eye (Guénel et al.). Although there are other types of eye cancer, ocular melanoma is the most commonly occurring and the most dangerous. It is a malignant tumor that metastasizes and become fatal in about half of all occurring cases. It is the second most common type of melanoma that occurs and accounts for 5% of all
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