The Human Body Is The Most Complex Machine

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The perfect…What?
The human body is the most complex machine. The eyes can absorb many perceptions, emotions, feelings and ideas the first time someone sees a person. The human body reflects aesthetic qualities of beauty as well as power, financial and social status. In many cases, people can determinate how much money a person has by his or her appearance. Facial surgeries, breast implants, Botox or healthy teeth are the most common ways women improve their appearance with money in today’s world. “The word beauty is understood to represent goodness, pleasure, truth, purity and the sublime.” (Karen A. Callaghan, VII) Clearly women and men feel the pressure of society to have the perfect body but should not be heavily influenced by the media, the fashion industry and the desire for career opportunities yet by the desire to maintain a healthy body and a vibrant lifestyle.
Beauty which people naturally should admire is now a source of pain and something that has to be developed and fought. Women and men are willing to take any challenge to achieve what they call beautiful, in other words, the perfect body. Socially saying, these challenges can bring the best and the worst in people in how they can handle it. The media, mostly TV and advertisements had created the idea of how the body should be, what is in and what is out or what is beautiful and what is not. Sadly, as stated by Dr. Marie Hoskins, associate professor at the University of Victoria 's School of Child and Youth…
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